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​STG Design is a dynamic company with an integrated approach to architecture, interior design, and master planning. Our staff has considerable experience providing successful planning and design solutions through localized expertise complemented by a global perspective. Founded in 1976, STG Design is the result of an evolving and growing company becoming one of the nation’s leading companies committed to design in a multitude of disciplines.


We are always ready to respond and to develop thoughtful, innovative solutions. From developers to managers, contractors, and city officials, our team will coordinate, lead, and smooth out this process. One of our biggest, and most telling, accomplishments is the percentage of our work that is with repeat clients. Along with our focus on client-centric design, we are also able to maintain client satisfaction and project success by our deep understanding of and adherence to budget, schedule, and scope.

We are motivated by a single goal: the success of our clients.




Our vision identifies where we’re going and our goal. We believe that our purpose isn’t just to create beautiful, effective, efficient designs, but to create experiences that improve lives.

Creating transformative experiences with you, for you.

As people live and work in the buildings and spaces we’ve created, we want them to feel that their day-to-day has been transformed. Our goal is to enhance our client’s ability to achieve their goals—whether that is to attract clients, retain employees, increase efficiency, or inspire their team. We want to be intentional in prioritizing these experiences—for internal and external clients—and create lasting relationships that make us extraordinary partners.​

Our spirit of improvement is deliberate and extends beyond our physical projects to our processes and relationships. Within our own office, the way we work with, challenge, and coach each other is intentional. Whether we’re talking about a visioning session with a client, working through a detail with consultants and contractors, or refining an in-house process with our staff, we can’t deliver true success unless everyone is engaged.

To fulfill our Vision, we need to deeply understand our clients—who they are, how they work, what success looks like to them and what is important for their future. This is how we get there:

We immerse ourselves in community, methodology, and goals—forming a shared culture of curiosity, discovering success, and inspiring passion for what is important to our clients.

During the information-gathering process, we strengthen our connection with the client by getting them invested in the process, excited about what’s in store, and fully engaged in collaborating. This rapport enables us to have candid conversations about what drives them and what success means for the whole team.

Once we understand what success looks like, we can leverage our expertise more effectively to tailor our approach to their goals. When we’re excited by the work our clients do, we discover our most targeted, engaging, and dynamic designs that inspire a renewed excitement for our clients.


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