Internship Program


Each year, STG Design recruits the best emerging talent from more than xx schools across the country. Our internship program provides hands-on experience for students pursuing a degree in Architecture or Interior Design and allows students to experience what it is like to be a true design professional. In any of our three offices, students will work side by side with our design teams and have the ability to work directly with clients on range of real-world projects. As a result, our interns become an integral part of our team and are able to walk away with the skills to move seamlessly from college to a professional career.

WE ARE INVESTED IN YOUR FUTURE - STG Design has hosted more than xxx internships and more than xxx have come back to work with us full-time. Our interns work within a supported environment and are assigned a buddy that is responsible for the success of the internship. STG interns are treated like employees because it’s our hope that they will be employees in the future! Professional development skills including attending lunch and learn meetings/CEUs are available and we make sure you get all academic credits necessary.

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The summer internship program at STG Design has exceeded all of my expectations and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with the people at this company. Coming into the interior design industry with no professional experience was scary at first but I realized that this is what my teachers have been preparing me for. What I had learned in my materials, codes and studio classes came back to me as certain jobs popped up. It has truly been a pleasure working at STG Design this summer and I am happy to say that I will continue to work part-time throughout the fall semester.
— Kaitlin, Austin Interior Design Intern
If there is one word to I can use to describe STG, it’s “people.” After many internships, one obstacle that I’ve noticed many interns face is accommodating so many different personalities within the office space, which affects whether an internship feels like a success or a failure. Fortunately, STG fosters an environment where the people you work with and their skill set allow employees to grow so quickly within the realm of architecture.
— Omar, Austin Architect Intern
Working at STG Design this summer was such a rewarding experience. I have learned more about this profession and what being an architect is all about in the past three months than in four years of college. I have worked on a variety of things here, including plan and detail drawing and 3-D modeling. I was also able to go on a punch walk site visit for one of our projects to help me in learning on-site and training my eyes to see mistakes. The staff has been so helpful answering all my questions and helping me learn more about this field. I thoroughly enjoyed working here and can say that STG Design is definitely one of the best places to work!
— Megan, Houston Architect Intern