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Interiors Design Lead / Project Manager

Sound familiar?

You’ve been working long enough to have your sea legs. You know your way around a building but know you still have room to grow. You’re passionate about design and want an opportunity to spread your wings a little. People can depend on you and you want the chance to take on more responsibility. At STG, we can make that happen. STG Design is looking for an Interior Designer with five to seven years’ experience to act as Designer and Project Manager in our Houston office.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

We want people as remarkable as we are. Interior Design is tricky; smaller project size means people can’t specialize as much. We’re looking for someone who can both manage a client and create an elegant solution to their design problem. Someone who understands how to integrate the parts into a pleasing whole and also how to keep a project on budget. But we’re also looking for designers who care about solving the problem, who are always asking, “Why?”, and who are excited about making their clients better. We want people who attack each new challenge with the knowledge that last week’s answer doesn’t fit this week’s question. People who are always seeking to learn more and then apply what they’ve learned to make those around them better.

What’s in a day?

One of our favorite things about this profession is the variety. Our routine is that there is no routine. On any given day you may (among other things):

• Help the PIC vet a scope and set a project fee.

• Own responsibility for project profitability, schedule, and budget.

• Manage the client interaction and expectations.

• Research the client and the context to interpret programmatic information in a meaningful way

• Work with a PA to develop design components and details

• Direct a charrette to pressure test a potential design solution

• Participate in construction administration, helping keep the built product aligned with design intent

We know that developing expertise is important, but cross-training helps us grow, too. At STG, you’ll likely work on a variety of project types. We’ve had the chance to design a children’s museum, create Oracle’s office, reimagine a power plant, and change how Wilsonart recruits. We’ve learned that what we discover on one project type helps us innovate on another.

We’ve found successful STGers are competent in Revit, Adobe CC, Bluebeam are all musts. Sketchup, Lumion, Rhino, Dynamo would be great, too. What’s even better is if you can show us a tool we haven’t seen yet and teach us all how to be more efficient or effective.

What’s next?

If you’re excited, we’re excited! Please apply for the “Houston Interiors Design Lead / Project Manager” position. We’ll get in touch soon with next steps. Our process usually encompasses a couple rounds of interviews and an opportunity to chat informally with a group of potential peers.