Intern Corner: Intern Season Comes to an End

By: Theresa Saad

Hello everyone! As I wrap up my last week here at STG, I’m filled with overwhelming gratitude for everything that I have learned here and the people that I’ve met. Coming back home to Austin in late May, I had worked at a few other internships, and the longer I worked here at STG, the more I realized the kind of work and culture I’d like to strive for going forward.

 During my internship at STG, I’ve worked on every part of different projects, from construction administration and warehouses to schematic design and student housing, to construction documents for probably some of the largest projects I’ll ever work on, (shout out to Waterfront – I’ll get back to work in a minute!). I learned not only about STG’s company culture, standards and expectations of a larger firm, and tips and tricks for Revit and Sketchup; I learned more about myself than I could’ve anticipated. This is the first summer where I truly felt like I could make a difference in the grander scheme of the design and the completion of a project – that feeling is irreplaceable, and helped me realize that moving forward, I prefer to be part of a larger team working toward a shared goal, rather than the only architect on a project.

 I’ve been continually inspired by those around me, and I hope that that feeling never goes away. Thank you all again for helping me understand that the late nights in studio and the pre-review freak outs never really end, but are always totally worth it, and for giving me something to stay hopeful for moving into my fifth and final year at Notre Dame. I can’t wait to come back and visit next May and see what y’all have continued to accomplish!


Theresa Saad was one of three summer interns in STG’s Austin office. She will start her last year as an architect student at Notre Dame in the fall. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!